The 180 Wow Body Workout

Malika’s Wow Body ZERO equipment 180 Workout:

There are a total of SIX (6) exercises. Complete all reps of one exercise, then move immediately to the next (called “Super Sets” since there’s no break.). You may, however take breaks when needed, but goal is to finish the entire 180 reps in shortest amount of time possible. Do this exercise ONCE every other week at the most for maximum results.

You will need your stop watch or interval time for this exercise and of course, your body ;). You can preform it with or without shoes.

This workout is designed to burn belly fat by working your biggest muscles really hard: Your quadriceps (thighs). I think you’ll really notice a difference in your stomach looking flatter and firmer in just a few days…

–> 30 jump squats

–> 30 decline push-ups (place feet on couch, stairs, chair, etc) (Do standard push-ups if this is too difficult)

–> 30 lying one-leg hip extensions (ALTERNATE for 15 reps for each leg)

–> 30 split squat jumps (ALTERNATE for 15 reps for each leg)

–> 30 mountain climbers (both knees up and back equal one rep)

–> 30 super burpees (with push-up and jump)

After completing all 180 reps, record your overall time and make sure you beat this next time around. As you get faster you can increase the repetitions ans still try to maintain of beat your time. Changing up the order every time you do this exercise will help keep your muscles guessing too.

If you are a REAL beast, up the repetitions until you can do 50 each with perfect form… let me know you times in the comments below!

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