Month: October 2009

p90X woman Day 77

So, it’s not officially day 90 of the p90X doubles program but I’ve had a lot of people asking for pictures so here you go! As you can see, there’s no 6 pack yet but […]

Cheating at Chili’s, Master Blasters: Cancelled!

Around about 8pm last night I got the feeling I wasn’t up for a night out after all :0(. So instead I decided to go out for dessert at Chili’s with my family :0). Since […]

P90X Week 12 Day 6… Almost Over

It’s Saturday October 17th and a couple hours ago I finished my last KempoX workout in a 13 week series. I’m feeling quite accomplished to have made it almost all the way through one of […]

Fit to Strip: US Pole Dancing Competition

Yes ladies, Pole dancing is actually a sport! Do you think it may someday reach Olympic endorsements? Or, will they treat it like a stepchild as we have also done to cheerleading?? Whose with me […]