Month: April 2010

Fat Loss Follow Up: So it’s Offically Been A Month…

It’s officially been 30 days since I started my fat loss experiment. This is the stage where I have not been exercising at all save for running up and down the stairs to eat, snack […]

Eating for Fat Loss: The Slow Carb, Glycemic Index based Diet

You heard of the “low-carb” diet where you practically cut out almost all forms of carbohydrates from your diet and/or limit yourself to whole grains. But have you heard of “slow-carb”? After doing some research […]

The Workout: Burn Fat Faster Than Eve Herself!

This is THE work out When I finished my first and only round of P90X in October 2009, unfortunately I didn’t have a plan. I knew enough to know I didn’t want to repeat it […]

Fat Loss Treat: [Primal] Pumpkin Pie

I have been investing a lot of time researching alternative ways to eat while optimizing health without sacrificing good taste. So far, I’ve been saving my pie and treat eating to my “Diet Gone Wild” […]

Protein Shake Recipe: Almond Butter Jelly Sandwich!

I used to think I was eating pretty healthy by consuming whole grain wheat breads. When I found out that gluten in wheat products like bread is the enemy of body fat loss I had […]

60 ’til Summer Slim Down

It’s exactly 67 days until the first day of summer 2010. Are you Bikini ready? I didn’t think so… But, neither am I! But if you follow along with me for the next few weeks […]