Month: May 2010

Primal Banana Almond Bread

Ingredients: 3 cups almond flour 1 teaspoon baking soda ½ teaspoon salt ¼ cup organic coconut milk ¼ cup coconut or olive oil 3 large eggs, beaten until smooth 1 tablespoon organic vanilla extract 1 […]

Primal, Gluten Free Cracker Recipe

This cracker recipe is an adaptation of one I found while looking for a biscuit (cracker) recipe made with Amaranth flour. It is soy, dairy, grain (wheat), egg and sugar free. Although it’s “carby” with […]

12 Foods You MUST Buy Organic!

If you’ve been following the FitRichWoman fanpage you’ve no doubt seen my recent exploratory excursions for organic products and produce. Today I’d like to share a list of foods that have been tested and study […]

Going Primal and Adding Vitamin E as in Exercise

After not lifting a single dumbbell, attempting a pull up or even yoga since October 24th 2009, I’m back in the exercise saddle once again. I’ve been on and off this saddle for years since […]

Why This P90X™ Grad Doesn’t Recommend it to Friends or Family

Since my husband and I graduated the famed P90X™ program in October 2009 we’ve become a sort of celebrities amongst our friends and family. When ever they have questions about it or even another workout […]

Adam’s Famous Chimichurri Sauce

This is a recipe my dear husband Adam improved upon after scouring the Internet to find on that had every thing we like in it: Fresh lemon and lots of garlic! Hope you enjoy it […]

Yogurt Based Salad Dressing- Yummy and Sugar Free!

previously I’d never been a fan of vinaigrette dressing for no other reason but taste. I also disliked Italian dressings because they tasted just like vinaigrette! So, in the spirit of my new primalized diet […]

It’s Finally Here: The Primal Blueprint!

What if dying of “old age” was a consequence of body abuse and mismanagement? From what I am learning recently from more than one source is this may indeed be true! I’m smiling here because […]

100% Coconut Flour Bread- Super Simple!

Since I’ve started educating myself on how different foods effect our body ability (and inability) to lose belly fat I discovered and unlikely fat loss hijacker: Carbohydrates. All kinds… yes even whole grains with all […]