Month: July 2010

(SOS) Summer of Success Tele-class Replay

For free instant access to the tele-class where we learned: * The fat loss sabotage hidden in your current diet that you probably think are “healthy”. * What they haven’t told you about the TRUE […]

Summer of Success Call Replay

If you missed the Free tele-class, SOS (Summer of Success) on Tuesday July 27th 2010 where I shared my secrets on exactly how I went from clinically obese to effortlessly melted 22 pounds of body […]

Ab Seduction Workout 2

As you may know, I’ve adopted a philosophy of short highly intense workout as my plan of attack to lose belly fat for good. Below you’ll find the nest work out routine I intend to […]

The Walmart “Come Up”!

Usually when I head out to Walmart or should I say, when I’m forced to resort to Walmart for any reason I consider it “slumming” now since there’s isn’t much in there we can actually […]