Month: September 2010

Reversing Osteoporosis, Saving Gall Bladders and Losing Fat?

This morning I came across a real gem of an article on the Four Hour Work Week blog by Tim Feriss. It was an exert from the book the Paleo Solution written by Robb Wolf. […]

Deb’s Update Since My August Visit to Her Home in Miami

This morning I got an email update I just had to share with you… Marnin everybahdy, Wah goin ahn? Update… I got on the scale today and I saw something I haven’t seen in a […]

Wheat/Gluten free Chocolate Cookies!

These easy cookies are relatively low in fat (so feel free to whip some sugar free heavy cream for an added treat!) They’re also very easy to prepare and bake. Feel free to use chopped […]