Month: February 2011

Where Did Get Your Misconception of Healthy Eating?

Where did you get your misconception of what “eating healthy” means? Between a mixture of: 1. School (what’s offered in the cafeteria has got to be healthy) 2. TV (paid ads to sell you on […]

My Phyllo Phylosophy?

Today I received a question I know many others would have so I wanted to answer it on the blog. “Malika, what are your feelings about using Phyllo on treat day….I know it is made […]

Gluten/Grain Free Macadamia Cookies

Ingredients: 1 cup raw Macadamia nuts 3 TBS sugar 2 large egg whites a pinch of salt (If you are using salted macadamias, skip the salt) 1/4 tsp vanilla extract Optional Garnish: Sliced hazelnuts (or […]