Month: March 2011

Gluten free Buttermilk Biscuit

Whether you use real buttermilk or coconut cream these little biscuits will not disappoint! Ingredients: 3 C tapioca starch 1 C coconut flour 2 eggs 1 C buttermilk (or coconut milk) 3/4 C water 1 […]

Will The Lean Lifestyle Eating Strategy Support Pregnancy?

Monique asks, “Well I would love to know if I were to get pregnant during the lifestyle and meal change will I be able to continue this same diet?? My Reply: The short answer is […]

A Case Against Fruits and Veggies

Below is a quote by Dr. Doug McGuff, MD, the co-author of Body By Science. It explains why so many of us who are exercising for 3-4 or more hours a week and “cutting back” […]

Did Low/Carb Akins Eating Cause Her Mood Swings?

Hey Malika. How are ya Lady? My friend was following the Atkins diet once when we were together. She lost weight but it seemed to cause severe mood swings. Is that the case with most […]

Why HIIT Is all You Need To Fry Fat!

I found HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) when I was just looking for a way to workout for less time while improving my results. What I discovered was exercising for fat loss wasn’t about how […]

What Gary Eats that Dr. Oz Doesn’t Want You to Know…

(courtesy of Jimmy Moore of Living La Vida Low-Carb) Below is one of the most profound comments>> Lawrence Louis March 8, 2011 at 1:31 am ยท Reply First, I want to express my appreciation to […]

Prepared, It’s the NEW Convenience!

Need to vent: Started eating breakfast at my firm, because I was waking up to late to make my usual breakfast… Was dropping pounds effortlessly but the last 3 days have been feeling slightly bloated […]