Month: April 2011

Bursting Through Fat Loss Plateaus

If you have hit a plateau with your fat loss efforts despite cutting back the highly processed grain carbs then the likely culprit is SUGAR! My friend and colleague Diane Sanfilippo is a California based […]

What I ate and weighed 04-09 and 04-10

I couldn’t weigh myself while in Miami I was 154.8 when I left. I also ate a LOT of crap food on this trip too. Most of which I don’t eat any more. The good […]

What I Ate and Weighed 04-07-2010

So the 7th Was a kind of wacky day. I only have pictures of my weigh in (which was unchanged from the day before), more of that silly wheat grass and one meal… for filler […]

What I ate and Weighed 04-06-2010

Down 0.8 from yesterday obviously having no clear idea what I was doing :0) This picture is a little fuzzy just like my thinking at the time! LOL. I Tried this dip a few months […]

What I ate and Weighed 04/05/10

Yesterday I was 155.6 and today… Up 0.4lbs… No big deal it was probably BFBM so that’s a good sign. Then I went out and bought these bitches here to celebrate… And some shorts that […]

What I Ate And Weighed year Ago 04-02-10

Okay so this is day two and I’m feeling kinda hyped because of how quickly the scale reflected my efforts! Just yesterday I was down a pound already and then… This is all without any […]

Fat Loss Journey: What I Ate and Weight 04/01/10

I can’t believe it’s been a YEAR since the first posting on the FitRichWoman facebook page and I’ve got almost all of it in pictures! I’ve got everything from the last time I ate my […]