Month: March 2013

Creamy Dreamy Cheesecake

I’ve never been one to make homemade cheese cake (I’ve made it only once before) but this easy version may have convinced me to whip one up more often! I guarantee it will rival your […]

Cooking School??

Some people only need suggested ingredients to make a dish turn out delish, some need a detailed recipe… and others need to simply learn how to cook before they make another dish. Which are you? […]

Calzone Crust

Ingredients: (See notes if using dough delicious blend) 2 C tapioca starch ⅔ C coconut flour 1 ts baking soda 1 ts cream of tartar ¾ ts salt ¾ C cold liquid (milk, nut milk, […]

Buttery Club Cracker Recipe

To order these delicious crackers in a handmade dry mix and/or pre-baked by me, with > Recipe: 1C tapioca starch 1/3C coconut flour 1/3C almond meal 1/2ts baking soda 1/2ts cream of tartar 1/4ts salt […]

Graham Crackers!!

These honey graham crackers are light crispy and the perfect conduit for your favorite toppings! To order these delicious crackers in a handmade dry mix and/or pre-baked by me, with <3, click here now! The […]

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

These wheat free, gluten free, yuck free banana chocolate chip muffins are reminiscent of wheaty bread pudding fresh out the oven and smooth fluffy textured when cooled! Ingredients: 2 bananas 1 and 1/4C liquid (I […]

We got a Pomegranate Tree!

We are now in possession of a pomegranate tree! I think it’s actually considered a bush or shrub even though it can grow 10-12 feet in height and width. Pom brand juice will have nothing on us!

Pulling Our First Carrots

This morning in the garden I decided to check on our carrots that have been growing all winter. Look what I found… Some red Swiss chard and celery joined the partay! There are more orange, […]

Blueberry Cream Cheese Mmmuffins

I made these blueberry cream cheese muffins because I need to use up some left over danish filling and wanted to experiment with a almond meal/flour meal free muffin mix. We have been out of […]

We Got A Peach Tree

I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate my earthday than with gifts that keep on giving! One such gift is this peach tree of the Early Elberta variety. Look at all the pretty […]

Discourse Without Arguement

Great day Lovies! We can have discourse without argument, disagree without anger and dismiss ideas without dismissing who shared them 100% of the time. It takes making a choice and practice, practice, PRACTICE with patience… […]

Organic Weed Killer

This organic weed killing recipe is non-toxic, safe around kids and pets, sure to work and cheap as dirt! Ingredients: 2 cups table salt 1 gallon white vinegar (make sure it has 5 percent acidity) […]

No Dig Potato Growing

Peter Cundall shows you how to grow potatoes directly on top of your lawn using the no-dig method. This should work with very fine mulch and or saw dust as well!

Pot Roast With Fresh Herbs and Crab Butternut Bisque

We FINALLY cracked opened and cooked our last homegrown butternut squash. This is the * rouge* seed that planted itself in a corner of the yard some how and busted out several 8lb+ babies! We […]

Seafood Fraud

“Samples sold as snapper and tuna had the highest mislabeling rates (87 and 59 percent, respectively), with the majority of the samples identified by DNA analysis as something other than what was found on the […]

Knitting Project: Surprise Clutches

I got this wild idea to make some special women in my life a non-edible gift of love and appreciation. Since I learned how to knit recently I decided to use my new skill and […]

Brunching with the Stars

Brunching with the stars 03/15/2013: Cassava fries, 1/2 a large hass avocado and chopped ribeye steak loaded with homegrown parsley! I was hanging out on the back patio with our potted bushes and plants. This […]

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