Month: April 2013

Correct Yourself Correct the World

People can’t see the log in their own eye, but can see clearly the peck of dust in another’s eye. The log appears to actually be in the others eye. This is an illusion which […]

Mulch, Mulch and MOAR Mulch!

After reviewing the movie, “Back to Eden” and researching restorative agriculture we arrived at the decision to pant directly in the ground and commit to some serious food yields this year! This includes using paper […]

Bacon Blanket Meatloaf

I put a little bacon blanket of left over pieces of bacon I needed to use up. It created a great bacon flavored base for the gravy and wasn’t as greasy as I feared it […]

Biscotti Please!

These gluten free/wheat free biscotti are hazelnut (filbert) flavored and taste amazing! Created with a blend of almond meal and my Dough Delicious the texture was pretty authentic too. I was nervous about the outcome […]

In the Garden 04-06

I go to sleep dreaming of all the things I will do out in the garden in the morning! Today I got started early with yard clean up so my man slave could mow the […]

Finally Got My Pearls Fixed!

I’ve always loved pearls because of what it means to become a pearl. Pearls are the world’s only organic gemstone, and therefore, tend to be quite delicate. I got this set in 2007 and have […]

What Breeds Violence

The government reflect the heart of the people… We the people often try to solve our problems with violence in forms we don’t even consider violent. Inequity breads violence. Perceived superiority/superiority and appointments of authorities […]

Irresistible Picks for April!

Black prince and Homestead heirloom tomatoes, another type of lavender, leeks and German Oregano were the picks I couldn’t resist from this weeks trip to the farmers market! Although I have seeds, I LOVE to […]

First Strawberries 2013

They were tiny but very sweet! We will see how to better develop them with regular fertilization this year!

Mini Cheesecakes and Springform Pan

So after I made my own Creamy No-Crack Cheesecake I had a little batter and crust left. Originally I was going to make cheesecake muffins but really just wanted more cheese cake and didn’t have […]

Vermiposting: Composting with WORMS

Vermiposting, or composting with worms, has became a necessity to better manage all the food scraps we produce. We had a 50 gallon plastic container that was just so over rammed we actually stopped collecting […]

Our Olive Tree

Picual Olives produce oil known for floral aroma, distinctive flavor, high oleic acid content, and high stability rate. This on is already over 3ft tall and we haven’t yet decided exactly where it will go […]