Month: June 2013

Where To Get Non-Monsanto Seeds

It’s important to note that until we take profit out of food some nerd some where is gonna be thinking up of more ways to poison us to profit their masters. The mere existence of […]

Stop Watching TV

Why won’t you stop watching TV and other pop-media 100%? It’s the life thretening thing an adult can do and it’s the most additive substance I’ve even come to know. Do you realize how many […]

Cinnamon Roll, umm Cookies

Dough: *You can use a 1/2 batch of Dough Delicious and add 1/3 C butter OR mix it like so… 1 and 1/2C tapioca flour 1/2C coconut flour 1/2C hot water (or buttermilk. I used […]

Turn Condensed Milk in Caramel

Caramel (dulce de leche) in a Pressure Cooker Brazil doce de leite (Portuguese for dulce de leche) is often made using a pressure cooker because it’s safe and fast. Ingredients: 1-2 cans of condensed milk […]

Earthday Cake

1 and 1/3 C almond meal, ground fine 1/3 C coconut flour 1/2 C sugar, ground fine 2 TB tapioca flour ts baking soda 1/2 ts salt 4 eggs 1 C liquid (milk, coconut milk, […]

Escabeche: Tangy Spicy Fish And Chicken Sauce

If you’ve even eaten seafood at a Caribbean restaurant you may have had the very popular topping called escabeche. Especially on the fried snapper and/or King Fish. It’s great on different types of seafood like […]

No One Leads The Real Revolution

“The real revolution needs no leaders, banners, or platforms. Each awakened man’s consciousness is his own guide. Those looking for a place to sign up are simply looking for more enslavement. The controllers are well […]