Month: December 2013

Mainstream Validation

The other day I was invited to a group that that had “women of color” in the name. The following conversation ensued: Me: Hello sistar! is this women of color page yours? Her: Peace Sis, […]

Baby It’s Cowl Outside!

So, it’s fall and although I’m still doing light gardening and crafting canned products it’s time to pick back up the needles! This piece is hand crocheted by me and is available for order in […]

Catalyst to Change

A friend asked: “if I default on all my debtors now..what becomes of my family while I establish the resources to create something else?” My reply: Everyday more and more people have to answer that […]

Researching Cotton Spining

This quote what I found doing research on spinning cotton! Apparently Gandhi promoted a contest to create a book sized fiber spinning wheel called a Charkha. It was part of his self-reliance initiative! “Take to […]

Formerly Money Motivated

I used to be really money motivated… Then I realize that it’s merely a tool to access what I really want. You can’t eat it, fuck it or cover your body with it however, I […]

Economy Revenue Grant: Have You Heard?

Conversation started today (12/1/2013) Dee: Hello Me: Hi there! Dee: How are you Me: I’m great! Thank you for asking! Happy December 🙂 Dee: Same here also Am so happy now for this december coming […]