Month: January 2014

Lacy Hand Knit Thong-tho-thongs

Above: One hott pink pair getting her picot edging around the top. Above: A threesome getting “blocked” as it’s called in knitting circles Above: It’s a really pretty orange that still looks pink in this […]

Crochet Rolled Ankle Boot

I would line the bottoms on the inside for an added layer of luxury and softness! If you’d like to some for you and/or loved one just send me an email here!

Grilling and Chilling: Asparagus, Cheese Stuffed Burgers, Spicy Dogs
Ginger Apple Chicken

Because I cook so often that I season most of our meals by sight and not a recipe I’ll tell you what’s in this spice blend and then I’ll offer approximate amounts based on my […]

Chunky Slouchy Beanie

Hand knitted with circular needles. I loved making the pom-pom!

Red Snapper Escabeche

The feelzz when he looks at you across the table with those dreamy eye’s and sez, “Oh baby, when I said this is what I wanted this is EXACTLY how it tasted in my mind!” […]