Month: February 2014

How to Stop Working For Money:Preview Call Recording

Speaking with some of you, I discovered you have some self limiting beliefs about working for money… Don’t feel like you’re help others in fulfilling ways at current J.O.B, biz, work. Feeling institutionalized. Feeling discomfort […]

Free Marketing Training Preview Call: Stop Working For Money

It’s time to stop “working for money”! Usually when people hear, “working for money” they think they are NOT working for “money” but working for the things and experiences they use money to gain access […]

Complain Yet Comply

What percent of slave do you think complain about slavery but didn’t dare do a thing about it? How many took up the charge to convince themselves and/or others that maybe slavery was actually the […]

The Economic Transition Discussion

Me: You seem to be ponder the same questions I have been for a while with this one, bro: “Are we as entrepreneurs “supposed to” CREATE jobs so more people can pay their taxes, buy […]

Why You REALLY Hate Politicians

You “hate” politicians because you expect someone or group to do something for you and yours that you are unwilling to do yourself? Your expectation, not the actions of others, is what is the cause […]

Is Punishment Your Job?

Why would you want to make it your responsibility to punish other people? Why would you make it your honor to take punishment from others? Only education changes behavior and Love is the highest education. […]