Month: December 2017

Winter Solstice Barbecue (recipes)!

The #Manslave got a brisket… It’s seasoned, marinated, smoking and in need of just the right sides. I’ve got enough of our homegrown cabbage to make a supersized batch of coleslaw, which I’ve never made […]

Merry ChrisKwanzHanukkah Season Greetings!

Many people have begun questioning what these “holydays” (I refer to as holydaze) really mean. According to some statistics enough to cure world hunger is spent around this time as families gather together to love […]

Separating and Repotting Banana Pups

I rescued banana in pot from WinCo that had 4-5 pups already sprouted up about 2 months ago. At least 2 are ready to be harvested but I repotted the smaller 3 together. If they […]

Testing Testing1, 2 uh 1,2

This the first of many posts that will linked from FB to my own website. Using FB for what it was for me originally: a way to grow my own private webspace. Yes, FB can […]