Month: January 2018

Today in Etymology: Mate, Husband, Wife, Spouse, Wed

As I am learning about the law, everything pivots on the use of words in language. Words which we use to define ones self also define how we experience and process those experiences in our […]

Etymology: The term “Black” (video)

I always love to research the original meanings (etymology) and evolution of words and terms. This I sometimes do even with terms I use often because it helps my use when writing and speaking. I […]

Globe Proof: Fulcrum Pendulum (video)

In this video some guy [Physics and astronomy professor Jim LaBelle] talks about the fulcrum pendulum. If one listens carefully instead of just assuming this is science simply because of whom is speaking ye will […]

Comprehending the Social Security Act

2018 it looking like the year I #GetUpSTandUp for my rights by challenging all presumptions. One of those presumptions it tax liability of Social Security as defined by the social security act. Many people envision […]