Bursting Through Fat Loss Plateaus

If you have hit a plateau with your fat loss efforts despite cutting back the highly processed grain carbs then the likely culprit is SUGAR!

My friend and colleague Diane Sanfilippo is a California based Whole foods (Primal Approved) nutritionist and has written an easy to follow guide to help you get back on track. Finally you have a strategy to lose those next 10 lbs or those last 5 by reigning in the sweet but without losing the YUMM. Check it out by clicking on the image and get ready to get cleaner and leaner with your diet.

There’s a new class enrolling NOW for May 1st, 2011 get ready to experience a carbo-holic break through! The best part is that you’ll gain skills you can continue to apply for LIFE to keep bursting through those pesky fat loss plateaus.

My friends are always amazed at how little sugar I consume yet still satisfy my sweet tooth. Now you can too with Diane’s highly effective 21 Day sugar Detox.

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