The 3 Must Send Letters #OLH

A great starting point for those just begging the OPERATION LIBERATED HOMES (#OLH) process!

The following are the 3 “Must Send” Debt Defense letters. This means that at all times you must send any of these letters to any debt collection company or the original lender that contacts you.

The 3 “Must Send” Debt Defense letters are:

1. The Debt Validation Letter is designed to get a lender or debt collection agency to provide proof that it can collect the debt. If a lender or debt collection agency cannot provide proof that it can collect the debt, then it may be prevented from collecting all of the debt.

2. The RESPA Request Letter is designed to get three (3) main pieces of information. 1. A copy of your original mortgage loan file. 2. An accounting of all of your mortgage payments and the charges made on your mortgage loan account and 3. Proof that the lender has the original note and other documents that allows it to foreclosure and to collect the mortgage debt. You can go to this HUD link to learn more about the RESPA Request letter.

3. The Cease and Desist Phone Call Collections Letter is designed to stop the harassing phone calls and improper communications. This letter must be sent several times and must be sent to the corporate offices and the designated offices.

The full text of the sample letters are below, so scroll down. The sample letters are designed for “cut and paste”. Please read each letter carefully. You must make sure to put in your address and account information. You may need to add or take out certain information. You must send each original letter by certified mail (no return receipt is necessary), regular mail, and if possible fax. Don’t forget to make a copy of your letter for your records. Make sure to staple the original mailing receipt and fax confirmation to the copy of the letter and put it in your file.

Click here for letter templates to copy paste, customize and send IMMEDIATELY:

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