60 ’til Summer Slim Down

It’s exactly 67 days until the first day of summer 2010. Are you Bikini ready?

I didn’t think so… But, neither am I!

But if you follow along with me for the next few weeks together we can get there or at least really close :).

So here’s the problem:

Too much fat and jiggle in the middle… It’s been an issue since I’ve started (and stopped) having kids and I’m finally ready, willing and able to put an end to my frustration once and for all!

As of October 24th 2009 I finished my first and only round of famed P90X. It was a very hard 13 week challenge that my hubby Adam and I did together. He did the ‘Classic’ and I started with the lean which was, in my mind, too easy then switched doubles after the first ‘recovery week’.

I have no plans to repeat p90x in the foreseeable  future (look for an expanded explanation in a future blog post). So, I had to find an alternative.

The Solution:

Diet, exercise and healthy supplementation as needed, of course :). So, I’ve been doing research on low glycemic foods, natural supplements and short effective exercises.

What I’ve found so far is I’ve been mislead about what foods healthy, which help you lose wait and which types of exercise routines help to effectively blast fat without expensive home workout programs or spending hours on a mill at the gym! Yeah!!!

The Goal:

At the time of this writing my short list of stats is this…

Weight- 154.8lbs.   Goal Weight– 135lbs.

Height- 5’7″

Body Fat%- 36       Goal Body Fat%– 20

Body type- Hour Glass

The Plan:

The plan is to adapt a slow carbohydrate diet as mentioned and expanded upon on the famed www.MarksDailyApple.com ( The Primal Blueprint author) and do the shortest yet most effective fat shredding workout programs.

Since I intend to make what I’m doing a lifestyle change as opposed to just a temporary fat loss plan, I am collecting and developing recipes to cook at home and restaurant dishes too.

The tools:

An assortment of fitness magazine exercises and fitness DVDs I already own and have used so I can mix and match to keep things fun and interesting!

If you want to join me on this 60 day Summer Slim Down make sure you have ALL of your equipment and your plan. Be sure to come back often as I share more tips,  recipes, workouts and pics too!



2 thoughts on “60 ’til Summer Slim Down”

  • So I started on 4/13/2010:
    Wt: 166 lbs
    Goal: 135 lbs
    Ht: 5’5″
    Body Type: Pear
    Mother of three, the youngest is 11 months

    Since starting I have to admit this has been the easiest lifestyle change to date! I love beans and the meat and veggies vary according to taste…so I can be creative. I did my first “diet gone wild day” and was surprised to see how little I ate despite racking my brain and body for cravings, you see I really haven’t had any since starting this new lifestyle!

    This week: continue my healthful changes with Colonix & Toxinout for the next 3 months, Fluidity 2x weekly and Yoga Booty Ballet 2x weekly for the next 4 weeks.

    Oh yeah, I’m down to 161 lbs as of 4/19/2010 (and that’s AFTER a diet-gone-wild Saturday of pizza, brownies, the dreaded McDonalds, and a pop tart)……..YEAH BABY!!!

  • Hey Catrina,

    Are you surprised?! Reduced cravings have been a wide spread side effect of drastically reducing your sugar/carb intake primarily from breads, rices and potatoes.

    Can you say more about Colonix and ToxicOut?

    Don’t be afraid to add weight training to your regimen… I promise you, you won’t look that She-rah woman from the gym. Most woman does have enough natural testosterone to do it.

    Congratulations on your success!!! You go gurl :0)

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