IMG02220-20110226-1845Hello there my friend,

I am who I am. You know who I am because I am you! Yes, I am an alternative expression of who you are.

I am about many things.

When I attempt to narrow what I’m about down to what I do, what I love or what I’m being in the moment, I realize it would either be a partial truth at best or a half lie. Neither of which I’m found of.

I will attempt to illustrate the principles that support what I am about here:

I’m about deep feeling, critical thinking, being authentic, living creatively and self-leadership and allowing others the same grace. Yes, I’m about allowing!

I’m about radical honesty with the self and other selves.

I’m about love unconditional, prosperity universal and sacred unbreakable connections to all life in the multiverse.

I raise food, guide children, craft with the mind and hands and entertain a spouse as part of my expression of all I am about.

Welcome to my spoke in the wheel of *reality*.

Relax, the rumors about me are all wrong! 😉



Religion: Love
Political View: Self Governance
Favorite quote: “Help wanted? Inquire within!”

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  1. Hi. Can you please email me the recipe for the banana and chocolate chip muffins that were shown on facebook? Thanks!

    • Hello and thank you @Didier! The education I gained about what effects our health and well being from Mark and the Paleo philosophy are invaluable!

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