Ab Seduction Workout 2

As you may know, I’ve adopted a philosophy of short highly intense workout as my plan of attack to lose belly fat for good. Below you’ll find the nest work out routine I intend to add to my HIIT training mix.

These 6 moves will have you looking like a hot body bond girl in no time. One of the things I must say it that when ever you are doing a work out is you have got to push yourself really hard each time to maximize your results from your time investment. You will need your Interval timer for this routine and dumbbells. I recommend you use the heaviest that you can manage with perfect form for most of the interval. You should be ready to let it go by your last repetition, That mean ANY wobbling and you are lifting too much.

You will do each move slowly at a 3 second up motion and 3 seconds down motion.

  • Dumbell Front Deep Squat to Press
  • Twist & Crunch
  • Dumbbell Stepup to Curl
  • Pullup / TRX Y-pulls
  • Incline Pushup
  • Chair Dips

Set your top (resting timer) to 30 seconds and your work out timer 30 seconds. Repeat 1-2 more rounds resting 90 seconds to 2 minutes between each round depending on your fitness level. Keep track of how much weight you used, how many repetitions per exercise and number of rounds you do for each exercise and try to out do yourself by 1 each time.

Happy fat blasting,

P.S. Be sure to ask me your questions in the comments below.

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