Today in Etymology: Mate, Husband, Wife, Spouse, Wed

As I am learning about the law, everything pivots on the use of words in language. Words which we use to define ones self also define how we experience and process those experiences in our […]

Etymology: The term “Black” (video)

I always love to research the original meanings (etymology) and evolution of words and terms. This I sometimes do even with terms I use often because it helps my use when writing and speaking. I […]

Globe Proof: Fulcrum Pendulum (video)

In this video some guy [Physics and astronomy professor Jim LaBelle] talks about the fulcrum pendulum. If one listens carefully instead of just assuming this is science simply because of whom is speaking ye will […]

Comprehending the Social Security Act

2018 it looking like the year I #GetUpSTandUp for my rights by challenging all presumptions. One of those presumptions it tax liability of Social Security as defined by the social security act. Many people envision […]

Winter Solstice Barbecue (recipes)!

The #Manslave got a brisket… It’s seasoned, marinated, smoking and in need of just the right sides. I’ve got enough of our homegrown cabbage to make a supersized batch of coleslaw, which I’ve never made […]

Merry ChrisKwanzHanukkah Season Greetings!

Many people have begun questioning what these “holydays” (I refer to as holydaze) really mean. According to some statistics enough to cure world hunger is spent around this time as families gather together to love […]

Separating and Repotting Banana Pups

I rescued banana in pot from WinCo that had 4-5 pups already sprouted up about 2 months ago. At least 2 are ready to be harvested but I repotted the smaller 3 together. If they […]

Testing Testing1, 2 uh 1,2

This the first of many posts that will linked from FB to my own website. Using FB for what it was for me originally: a way to grow my own private webspace. Yes, FB can […]

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Peach cobbler video

Click to view video. Peach cobbler is perfect on a warm summer day!

Post from Tablet Test

Click to view video. Are you there?

Camera Direct Test

Testing angle sideways….

Recipe: Herby Rack of Lamb

Delicious rack of lamb recipe! Ingredients: 1/2 hazelnut (or bread crumbs); ground fine 2 TB garlic; minced 1 TB sage; chopped fine 1 TB fresh mint; chopped fine 4 TB olive oil 1-2 TB of […]

About Composting Toilets

The modern day sewer system has failed. In the United States, our clean water infrastructure was rated a D from the American Society of Civil Engineers (2013). Sewage overflows cause beach closures, spread illnesses, and […]

Mortgage Fraud: 60 Minutes Exposes (video)
Motion To Dismiss Foreclosure

A great case to reference in your “Motion To Dismiss” when a foreclosure suit is filed against your estate even if you aren’t in Florida. Unfortunately, many plaintiffs and, yes, judges, see motions to dismiss […]

The 3 Must Send Letters #OLH

A great starting point for those just begging the OPERATION LIBERATED HOMES (#OLH) process! The following are the 3 “Must Send” Debt Defense letters. This means that at all times you must send any of […]

Quiet Tile is Possible

“Furthermore, if the homeowner has filed for bankruptcy protection and the foreclosure was conducted illegally after the bankruptcy, the homeowner could also have claims for a violation of the bankruptcy discharge. It is difficult (though […]

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

If you LOVE spicy, cheesy and cripsy all together, bacon wrapped jalapenos are the dish for you! Tools needed: Cookie sheet, knife, bowl, spoon, oven Ingredients: 8 large jalapenos, cut in half lengthwise, seeds removed […]

How to Stop Working For Money:Preview Call Recording

Speaking with some of you, I discovered you have some self limiting beliefs about working for money… Don’t feel like you’re help others in fulfilling ways at current J.O.B, biz, work. Feeling institutionalized. Feeling discomfort […]

Free Marketing Training Preview Call: Stop Working For Money

It’s time to stop “working for money”! Usually when people hear, “working for money” they think they are NOT working for “money” but working for the things and experiences they use money to gain access […]

Complain Yet Comply

What percent of slave do you think complain about slavery but didn’t dare do a thing about it? How many took up the charge to convince themselves and/or others that maybe slavery was actually the […]

The Economic Transition Discussion

Me: You seem to be ponder the same questions I have been for a while with this one, bro: “Are we as entrepreneurs “supposed to” CREATE jobs so more people can pay their taxes, buy […]

Why You REALLY Hate Politicians

You “hate” politicians because you expect someone or group to do something for you and yours that you are unwilling to do yourself? Your expectation, not the actions of others, is what is the cause […]