What I Ate and Weighed 04-07-2010

So the 7th Was a kind of wacky day. I only have pictures of my weigh in (which was unchanged from the day before), more of that silly wheat grass and one meal… for filler I added in an impromptu model shot of my sexxy hubby! Check it out in the gallery below.

The April 8th however, was far more interesting…

I know, I know, I should have skipped the beans! I never ate all of it because it would start to make me gag. I don’t know how (or if) Tim Ferriss does it every single day but I really struggled though some of the low fat bean meals.

Yes, more wheat grass!

We were leaving to Miami that night for our niece’s pageant so had to get my pamper on :0)

Thought I hit the JACKPOT at Chilli’s that afternoon for lunch. Ahhhh so *almost* Primal…

Then I came home and was greeted by my beloved gym boss. I wouldn’t use it for a long while though!

Dinner!! Shrimp and aspagus from the deli counter at the health food store.

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