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Malika is the Chef PissOfferer and promoter of critical thinking and direct action to get the most out of life. She also loves to create crafts, cook, bake and share meals and jokes with friends. Her site is a mix of science, law, homesteading and family fun with commentary of her perspective. One either loves her or they're just WRONG!
Is Punishment Your Job?

Why would you want to make it your responsibility to punish other people? Why would you make it your honor to take punishment from others? Only education changes behavior and Love is the highest education. […]

Lacy Hand Knit Thong-tho-thongs

Above: One hott pink pair getting her picot edging around the top. Above: A threesome getting “blocked” as it’s called in knitting circles Above: It’s a really pretty orange that still looks pink in this […]

Crochet Rolled Ankle Boot

I would line the bottoms on the inside for an added layer of luxury and softness! If you’d like to some for you and/or loved one just send me an email here!

Grilling and Chilling: Asparagus, Cheese Stuffed Burgers, Spicy Dogs
Ginger Apple Chicken

Because I cook so often that I season most of our meals by sight and not a recipe I’ll tell you what’s in this spice blend and then I’ll offer approximate amounts based on my […]

Chunky Slouchy Beanie

Hand knitted with circular needles. I loved making the pom-pom!

Red Snapper Escabeche

The feelzz when he looks at you across the table with those dreamy eye’s and sez, “Oh baby, when I said this is what I wanted this is EXACTLY how it tasted in my mind!” […]

Mainstream Validation

The other day I was invited to a group that that had “women of color” in the name. The following conversation ensued: Me: Hello sistar! is this women of color page yours? Her: Peace Sis, […]

Baby It’s Cowl Outside!

So, it’s fall and although I’m still doing light gardening and crafting canned products it’s time to pick back up the needles! This piece is hand crocheted by me and is available for order in […]

Catalyst to Change

A friend asked: “if I default on all my debtors now..what becomes of my family while I establish the resources to create something else?” My reply: Everyday more and more people have to answer that […]

Researching Cotton Spining

This quote what I found doing research on spinning cotton! Apparently Gandhi promoted a contest to create a book sized fiber spinning wheel called a Charkha. It was part of his self-reliance initiative! “Take to […]

Formerly Money Motivated

I used to be really money motivated… Then I realize that it’s merely a tool to access what I really want. You can’t eat it, fuck it or cover your body with it however, I […]

Economy Revenue Grant: Have You Heard?

Conversation started today (12/1/2013) Dee: Hello Me: Hi there! Dee: How are you Me: I’m great! Thank you for asking! Happy December πŸ™‚ Dee: Same here also Am so happy now for this december coming […]

The Family Gathers 2013

Above: The Manslave violates the guest of honor! Click here check out the hilarious comments! How much of your garden went into your dishes? We had these beautiful carrots and various herbs and spices! Photo-bombing […]

Thanks and Gratitude

If you want to show your thanks and gratitude in earnest, make a pledge to the mothers of earth to not harm her children. If you do not harm children they will not harm each […]

How to Have Tomatoes Forever!

When growing tomatoes it’s imperative to production quality and quantity that you prune the “suckers” (look like mini tomato plants grow at a 45 degree angle of the leaves). When we harvested right before the […]

Pot Roast Mom’s Earthday

This roast was made as a side for our mother’s earthday dinner along with some of our world famous Jambalaya. I’m most excited about the big juicy carrot I plucked right out the garden in […]

Take Heed To Warnings

Have you ever been rejected when attempting to warn a loved one of KNOWN disasters to come? Have you ever rejected a loved ones warning and regretted it? What can be done/said differently that would […]

Practicing The 4 Agreements: Don’t Take It Personal

*Don’t Take Anything Personally* Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you […]

Eggplant (aubergine) 11/09

Beautiful and large black beauty eggplant (aubergine) grown in the heavily mulched, no-till garden!

Prawns, Jalapeno Bacon, Garlic Asparagus And Shit!

I was just about to run out the door to one of the best food markets in the Matrix without having breakfast…. Then sis pulls up with the prawns and bacon and insists I have […]

Carrot 11/16!

Just yanked this beaut out the dirt today! It’s currently adorning a pot roast to be served on the side of mixed meat (shrimp, chicken, sausage) jambalaya (click for base recipe) πŸ™‚

Jammin’ Jambalaya

Hubby found a Jambalaya recipe and then we tweaked it… Well, we transformed it! Makes a lot so be prepared to feed at least 8 people or freeze the rest! 2.5 lbs of chicken (thighs […]

Farmers Market Find: Green Circular Aubergines (aka eggplant)

Are these cool looking eggplant globes? Originally I saw one of these as a main pic on the profile page for seeds on facebook and inquired what they were. I thought they may have been […]

Are You Racist?

How to be “racist”: 1. Study race as a profession (ie. scientist, dentist). 2. Assume there is more than one human race… then argue about it and bait others to argue about it. -ist Ι™st,ist/Submit […]