How far I’ve come, And What Took me So Long

After a little organizing I was finally able to put together a decent photo time line of my fat loss. If you’ve been following me for some time some of these you may have seen but some have never before been releases to the public.

The main reason I’ve never shown them before is because I wasn’t far enough removed from how I look in these pictures for it to be worth posting. You’d probably look at them and think they weren’t very transformational… and you’d be right!

The other reason I hadn’t posted them before is because I wasn’t sure how fat back to start so I’ll go quickly through each phase from the 14 years I’ve been an adult.

me 1996 graduating high school
Me @ 18 I'm about 125 lbs and cheerleading.

Next up comes me at 22 about 5 months after my 1st baby at my college graduation… My precious Shani (I well up just thinking about her).

I just turned 22... this dress is size 12

A few months later, She started learning how to walk and I started walking for fat loss and doing Taebo… Then I found out we were expecting AGAIN! My 1st son Mekhi.

I was actually determined to workout while I was pregnant though. I even bought a pregnant workout DVD that was about 10 years old!

Me and my BFF on my wedding day in 2001

18 months later later…

By this time I’m starting to think that I was meant to be fat after having kids. Then I’m soon carrying our 3rd child and second son Kimani! I Then decide this will be my last pregnancy and when he’s old enough to sit up I start going to LA Fitness with workout buddies Keisha, my younger sister and Tanya, a long time sister-friend.

2007 after losing about 25 pounds from becoming a gym rat

I’m glad to look and feel a little more like my lean self but wasn’t near where I wanted to be. I was working out 4-5 days a week for about an hour a day and if ANYTHING shifted in my schedule it was at the sacrifice of exercise.

After a couple of half-hearted attempts to regain my gym rat status I decided to try a home based fitness program you may have heard of called p90x.

I didn’t own a scale (which I realized in hindsight was because I wasn’t really serious about my fat loss effort) so I don’t know what I weigh here but here are the before pictures…

p90x transformation before photo front
Before I started P90X: Much worse than I thought I looked for sure

b4 p90x transformation photos back

After 13 weeks of working out 6 days a week, some days twice a day on the “Doubles” version of the program…

p90x transformation results photo
After 6 days of exercise per week for 13 weeks!

I lost a little fat and I did gain some muscle definition but honestly, nothing NEAR what I thought I would after working out so hard for so long. I finally bought a scale and I weighed in at 151 lbs. You can read more about that whole story here>>

Disappointed, I decided my next attack-the-fat method would be on the food side of fitness… That’s when my mind got blown! While researching how food truly impacts body fat storage vs. release, I also discovered the fastest, most effective and versatile ways of figure transforming fitness training.

Now that I figured the problem (my high brown grain, bean, low fat diet and my misguided passion for over exercising) out, I did the opposite of what I was brainwashed to believe were the rules of being hot and healthy for life.

I started eating whole eggs, bacon, beef and butter (sometimes all at once) in combination with all types of vegetables I may not have otherwise ever tried. I got rid of Genetically Modified (GMO) foods, stuff with preservatives and SOY in it that are actually sold as healthful food. I significantly decreased my exercise training from an hour per DAY to an hour per WEEK!

And my body transformed to this….

No grain... No Pain!

“Everything worth pursuing in life can be broken down like a
game — And each of those games has two sets of rules — the rules that
everyone believes are the “real” rules… and the very secret inside
rules that most people don’t even realize exist.” ~ John Carlton.

If being Hot AND Healthy are worth pursuing to you, I invite you to discover the “Secret Inside Rules” of health and fitness I share through the forum here!

3 thoughts on “How far I’ve come, And What Took me So Long”

  • WOW, your transformation story is so inspiring! I too have lost a lot of weight and kept it off eating primal. Would love to share recipes etc!

    • Hey Tracey,

      Thank you for your comments and congratulations on shredding the fat with the PB! My share my recipes only in the members are of this site. You can join us if you like by registering here>>

      We’ve got grain/gluten free crackers, cookies, muffins, snacks, hor’dourves, meal plans, shopping lists and killer interval workouts. How long have you been Primal?

  • I’ve been eating Primal for about 4 or 5 months now. I’d love to access and share recipes, but I’m currently unemployed so money is tight.

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