To Believe is to be Decieved


Why I don’t believe in “belief”: Belief doesn’t seem to allow for change and evolution. To believe is to close the heart to further consider ideas because you’ve already got the answers that you accept as the only possibility. The result seems to be people who think that just because they “believe” something it’s the only truth about it. All other versions are to be demonized, shunned, slandered and destroyed but your version is to be protected, confirmed and reinforced. Often with forceful thoughts, words and deeds. “Belief” seems to be an unhealthy and destructive practice.

I don’t need to believe anything to live a healthy and fulfilling life. I find wonder, realization and resonance to be more constructive practices. As new information and perspectives are reviewed my position on any idea is reevaluated and adjusted as necessary. Change has proven to be the only constant so what use is belief except to be mind-controlled by the enforcers of belief??

To believe is to be deceived!


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  • Agreed! I love this entire entry and everything about it! The first thing I thought of was my alternate response “as far as I know…” – it’s a vulnerable space, but it definitely leaves me open to adjust based on new information. Thanks for this1

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