Buttery Club Cracker Recipe

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1C tapioca starch
1/3C coconut flour
1/3C almond meal
1/2ts baking soda
1/2ts cream of tartar
1/4ts salt
6TB butter, cold
1TB honey (optional)
1TB oil
6TB liquid

Tip: You can use cream like creme fresh, yogurt, sour cream or soft cheeses like brie, etc in place of the liquid for added awesomeness. (more directions below images)


1. In a medium sized bowl whisk or shift together the first 6, dry ingredients.
2. Smash in the remaining ingredients mixing well and chill for 15-20 minutes.
3. Preheat oven to 350 degrees, roll chilled dough a few chunks at a time between two sheet of plastic or parchment paper to about 1/8 inch and cut into desired shape/size. I used 2″ smooth circles.
4. Prick each cracker with a folk a few times and bake for 11-13 minutes removing thinner crackers sooner so they don’t burn.



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