Catalyst to Change

A friend asked: “if I default on all my debtors now..what becomes of my family while I establish the resources to create something else?”

My reply: Everyday more and more people have to answer that question in real time. If it’s not a surprise lay-off, people could establish networks to get their REAL needs met first. Even without surprise lay-offs, technology is replacing human labor and people are still pretending like $$ should still be what determines if some someone eats, where they live, how they die, their quality of life, food, education and health etc. This causes unnecessary suffering when we can use what we have to create enough for all. I advocate mass default on banks. And unlike movements before each individual must decide for themselves the day and moment they are brave enough to say, not today and not ever again! There will be no one leader that can be assassinated, out-lived, defamed or idolized leading the way. Default on banks and invest in people by feeding, house, clothing and educating your people! Will farmers let their cattle go and fruit rot on the vine when no one has $$ to pay for it? Will musicians stop singing and plying if people can’t exchange $$ for it? Will we all die with our innate gifts and talents inside when there’s no $$ to justify our existence. We don’t have to do it that way. But it’s up to the individual to decide how it will play out.

3 thoughts on “Catalyst to Change”

  • “Will we all die with our innate gifts and talents inside when there‚Äôs no $$ to justify our existence?” Good grief! I certainly hope not! I keep holding onto the hope that if more people know that people like you and me exist, maybe, just MAYBE they’ll have the courage to let those gifts and talents FLY! Only time will tell!

  • Agreed! We must take care of our people. It’s about time someone said it out loud. I’ve been thinking it since I was 6…30 years ago! I have 20 years of labor under my belt, and naught to show for it because I was an orphan of the state and the state doesn’t co-sign for mortgages,like parents do. It’s a race against the clock to make enough money to keep us afloat. My children are aging out of the home, so my next phase now begins. <3

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