Why I Don’t Jog Even Short Distances?

Recently on facebook I re-posted a comment one of my private clients, who happens to be a nurse at a hospital in a major city, posted in our private group but I felt compelled to share on the FitRichWoman page. The was the comment:

I had a patient today who is recovering from a hip replacement (53 years old) who said had he known that wold happen he would have never tried to be as “active” by running 5 miles a day everyday for the last 10 years.


After posting it publicly, these was the comment that compelled me to make a blog post so it doesn’t just get pushed down as another unsearchable status update:

I’ve talked about why I stopped my Beachbody product buying at my first p90x experience I talk about over here but I never mentioned what other similar exercises I now avoid as well. Well it includes jogging and other forms of long distance running.


Some people want to argue the point that we were “built to run” but, let’s see if they figure they were just “running wrong” when Their hip goes kaput in another 10-20 years.

I want to thank Jackie for being so open with her story as I believe this was the first if not one of the first comments she’s ever made on my page and she brings up some great points I think you should note.

One is her admission that she is OCD about these out door sports she listed…

Two she still ended it with “moderation is key”. That is a phrase I’ll have to rant about another time but I’d like to leave you with this question to ask your running friends, “Is jogging 5 miles a day excessive?”

I’d love to hear what kinds of responses you get to that!

Three, she mentioned her “love” for the skating, running, aerobics, etc. It’s something I hear many other women profess when I start talking about the danger of partaking in bone banging, tendon over extending exercises like Zumba and yoga. Some people think I’m just “hating” when all I’m doing is showing the proof that you can have fun AND get maximizing fitness results without the need to over train and risk bone/joint health.

If only, “Because I ♥ it!” were the key to being fit and healthy. If you don’t learn what your body needs to be natural lean healing machine and start liking that, you’ll ALWAYS struggle with your weight and be a slave to the gym while STILL getting the diabetes, high cholesterol and hyper-tension… and maybe a hip replacement in your 50’s. Play with it if you want to but I encourage to join the minority of folks who aren’t. I’d ♥ THAT!



The 180 Wow Body Workout

Malika’s Wow Body ZERO equipment 180 Workout:

There are a total of SIX (6) exercises. Complete all reps of one exercise, then move immediately to the next (called “Super Sets” since there’s no break.). You may, however take breaks when needed, but goal is to finish the entire 180 reps in shortest amount of time possible. Do this exercise ONCE every other week at the most for maximum results.

You will need your stop watch or interval time for this exercise and of course, your body ;). You can preform it with or without shoes.

This workout is designed to burn belly fat by working your biggest muscles really hard: Your quadriceps (thighs). I think you’ll really notice a difference in your stomach looking flatter and firmer in just a few days…

–> 30 jump squats

–> 30 decline push-ups (place feet on couch, stairs, chair, etc) (Do standard push-ups if this is too difficult)

–> 30 lying one-leg hip extensions (ALTERNATE for 15 reps for each leg)

–> 30 split squat jumps (ALTERNATE for 15 reps for each leg)

–> 30 mountain climbers (both knees up and back equal one rep)

–> 30 super burpees (with push-up and jump)

After completing all 180 reps, record your overall time and make sure you beat this next time around. As you get faster you can increase the repetitions ans still try to maintain of beat your time. Changing up the order every time you do this exercise will help keep your muscles guessing too.

If you are a REAL beast, up the repetitions until you can do 50 each with perfect form… let me know you times in the comments below!

New workout!

1. Military push-ups – focus on keeping core engaged and find a pace that allows you to get as far through the 70 seconds as possible (you’ll probably have to drop to your knees, swallow your pride and finish off the remainder of the time from this modified position).
2. Inverted bodyweight rows – feet do not have to be elevated…you can get creative from home if you don’t have a slick barbell and rack setup to use (but if you break any furniture or fall on your a*s, I’m not responsible)
3. Lying hip extensions – see first exercise in second video after clicking that link. No need to use explosion through eccentric phase, as 70 seconds of strict form should be hella hard as it is. Make sure to drive through the heels and flex your booty, hamstrings and core like it ain’t no thang.
4. Wall sits – yep, this will suck. Try to get the butt low enough to make an approximate 90-degree angle at your knee joint.

After completing 70 seconds of all four exercises back-to-back, we get to rest for 2-minutes and then repeat two more rounds

Ab Seduction Workout 2

As you may know, I’ve adopted a philosophy of short highly intense workout as my plan of attack to lose belly fat for good. Below you’ll find the nest work out routine I intend to add to my HIIT training mix.

These 6 moves will have you looking like a hot body bond girl in no time. One of the things I must say it that when ever you are doing a work out is you have got to push yourself really hard each time to maximize your results from your time investment. You will need your Interval timer for this routine and dumbbells. I recommend you use the heaviest that you can manage with perfect form for most of the interval. You should be ready to let it go by your last repetition, That mean ANY wobbling and you are lifting too much.

You will do each move slowly at a 3 second up motion and 3 seconds down motion.

  • Dumbell Front Deep Squat to Press
  • Twist & Crunch
  • Dumbbell Stepup to Curl
  • Pullup / TRX Y-pulls
  • Incline Pushup
  • Chair Dips

Set your top (resting timer) to 30 seconds and your work out timer 30 seconds. Repeat 1-2 more rounds resting 90 seconds to 2 minutes between each round depending on your fitness level. Keep track of how much weight you used, how many repetitions per exercise and number of rounds you do for each exercise and try to out do yourself by 1 each time.

Happy fat blasting,

P.S. Be sure to ask me your questions in the comments below.

Going Primal and Adding Vitamin E as in Exercise

Me and my niece fooling 'round in the dressing room whilst shopping

After not lifting a single dumbbell, attempting a pull up or even yoga since October 24th 2009, I’m back in the exercise saddle once again. I’ve been on and off this saddle for years since college so this is nothing new, except… I’ve finally given myself permission to do things different.

But before I get into that, let me tell you what I did.

I followed the “Spartan” exercise routine ripped from this springs’ Mens Health magazine and modified it to fit my fitness level. I may have missed the mark because my ass burns like a torch was taken to it!! Continue reading

Why This P90X™ Grad Doesn’t Recommend it to Friends or Family

Adam dons his "Animal Instict" pose for his after pic!

Since my husband and I graduated the famed P90X™ program in October 2009 we’ve become a sort of celebrities amongst our friends and family. When ever they have questions about it or even another workout program they always consult with us. They even refer us to their friends and family asking them about it! lolol

So I figure I’ll make this post to explain not only why we got the program and what our results were after, but why we no longer recommend BeachBody’s® P90X™ to anyone we care about and what I recommend instead.

First lets go over what intrigued us about the program in the first place… Continue reading

The Workout: Burn Fat Faster Than Eve Herself!

This is THE work out

When I finished my first and only round of P90X in October 2009, unfortunately I didn’t have a plan. I knew enough to know I didn’t want to repeat it the same way I did the first time but didn’t know enough about my alternatives based on my goals and current situation.

Can you relate?

One of the things I was looking for in my next workout was something that would take up less time. You need an average of 70 minutes on any given P90X workout day. And although it was fun to do the time commitment of 6 days is brutal to maintain with my lifestyle.

So, I went on the hunt and came across H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training). It promised big results with high energy out put and low time input. Me likey ;)!

Think of it as full body weighted, mid motion cardio exercise.


In a few words it’s short, effective and flexible full body workouts. The way I worked out before included steady state slow simmering cardio 5-6 days a week with strength training for upper body, lower body and core 3 days a week. Continue reading

60 ’til Summer Slim Down

It’s exactly 67 days until the first day of summer 2010. Are you Bikini ready?

I didn’t think so… But, neither am I!

But if you follow along with me for the next few weeks together we can get there or at least really close :).

So here’s the problem:

Too much fat and jiggle in the middle… It’s been an issue since I’ve started (and stopped) having kids and I’m finally ready, willing and able to put an end to my frustration once and for all!

As of October 24th 2009 I finished my first and only round of famed P90X. It was a very hard 13 week challenge that my hubby Adam and I did together. He did the ‘Classic’ and I started with the lean which was, in my mind, too easy then switched doubles after the first ‘recovery week’. Continue reading

P90X Week 12 Day 6… Almost Over

It’s Saturday October 17th and a couple hours ago I finished my last KempoX workout in a 13 week series. I’m feeling quite accomplished to have made it almost all the way through one of the toughest at home training programs available today: P90X.

Actually, today KempoX felt a little “lite” and I knew like I could do more. So I really focused on my form kicking high, punching strong and twisting with it. It could be because I slacked big time yesterday.

Since I’m on the “doubles” version (where you work out 2 a day 3-4 times a week out of 6 total workout days) and I missed my leg/back session last night I still got to make up for it.

Why Did I Miss Legs and Back?

The funny thing is, I was waiting to do it with my husband and he didn’t get back home until midnight. Plus, while I was waiting I was focused on building this very website you’re reading now.

So, although KempoX was the only workout I had today I still gotta make up for last night… and I’m NOT looking forward to it!

Not only is legs and back hard work but you feel it almost immediately start to get sore. And tonight I’m going out to a male strip club in Dallas called MasterBlaster to celebrate Franco’s birthday.

Dancing is tough with sore legs.

To help combat that I plan on keeping my protein level up today and using a homeopathic supplement  found that helps reduce soreness called Arnica at the VitaminShoppe.com.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go tonight with legs and back AND at the strip club with my friends… and the “sexy mens” of Master Blaster.

Now, since today is my “diets-gone-wild” (eat what ever I want) day I’m off to cook and eat some backed barbecue chicken wings a mac-n-cheese… with fresh spinach (lol). Pics available soon on the what I eat page.

Talk soon,


My Belly fat Blaster P90X Before and After

Before you look at these pictures let me just say that I had to build up a lot of courage. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking: “What loud mouth, Malika needs courage?”

Besides being terrified to show my scantily clad and out of shape post-baby body with the world,  it was also because I didn’t know if P90X would actually producing noticeable results over such a short period of time: 90 days.

But, I remembered in the workout guide that these were to be look at as “good bye” pictures and I’ve got the pics to prove it. So, with out any further a do, I’ll let you be the judge:

Before P90x front

Before P90x front

before p90X back (rolls)

before p90X back (rolls)

pay 90x day 30- front

pay 90x day 30-front

hand on hip day 30 p90x

hand on hip day 30 p90x

p90x day 30-back

p90x day 30-back