Is Punishment Your Job?



Why would you want to make it your responsibility to punish other people? Why would you make it your honor to take punishment from others? Only education changes behavior and Love is the highest education. Punishment is a a justification of aggression; hate-filled behavior… a distortion of Love. When you can genuinely express Love to people, even when they are *wrong* or *bad* or *evil* in your limited perception, the world will know peace.

When ever you suggest, even in thought, that some one should be shamed, maimed, jailed, flogged, stoned, deprived of property/liberty or hurt in any way for what they have done you are creating a space for it to manifest in this reality. When ever you petition for some one to be deported because they’ve been condemned by your moral, ethical or religious standards, the same thing manifest in your life world and affairs.

Catalyst to Change


A friend asked: “if I default on all my debtors now..what becomes of my family while I establish the resources to create something else?”

My reply: Everyday more and more people have to answer that question in real time. If it’s not a surprise lay-off, people could establish networks to get their REAL needs met first. Even without surprise lay-offs, technology is replacing human labor and people are still pretending like $$ should still be what determines if some someone eats, where they live, how they die, their quality of life, food, education and health etc. This causes unnecessary suffering when we can use what we have to create enough for all. I advocate mass default on banks. And unlike movements before each individual must decide for themselves the day and moment they are brave enough to say, not today and not ever again! There will be no one leader that can be assassinated, out-lived, defamed or idolized leading the way. Default on banks and invest in people by feeding, house, clothing and educating your people! Will farmers let their cattle go and fruit rot on the vine when no one has $$ to pay for it? Will musicians stop singing and plying if people can’t exchange $$ for it? Will we all die with our innate gifts and talents inside when there’s no $$ to justify our existence. We don’t have to do it that way. But it’s up to the individual to decide how it will play out.

Researching Cotton Spining


This quote what I found doing research on spinning cotton! Apparently Gandhi promoted a contest to create a book sized fiber spinning wheel called a Charkha. It was part of his self-reliance initiative!

“Take to spinning to find peace of mind. The music of the wheel will be as balm to our soul. I believe that the yarn we spin is capable of mending the broken warp and woof of our life. The charkha (spinning wheel) is the symbol for nonviolence on which all life, if it is to be real life, must be based.”

Mahatma Gandhi
Harijan, April 27, 1947, p. 122

Apparently, Gandhi’s personal charkha was recently sold (11/06/2013) at auction for 100,000 pounds (of what, I don’t know but people seemed excited).

Stop Watching TV

Why won’t you stop watching TV and other pop-media 100%? It’s the life thretening thing an adult can do and it’s the most additive substance I’ve even come to know. Do you realize how many of your problems would disappear if you didn’t know about them and you focused instead on being a solution to something? You’d rarely be sad if you didn’t know who lost the game, who said nigga now or which *celebrity* died, like EVERYONE MUST, or had a baby today. If you didn’t hope good-but-no-Whitney won American Idol, you wouldn’t be disappointed when they got sent home in the semi-finals.

Maybe you should take up teaching ballroom dancing instead of watching other do it while you criticize. Even the activist still look for validation that the revolution is working by what shows up on the lame stream… give it the fuck up! Take personal responsibility and initiative to educate and inspire change in your community and sphere of influence. The religion of the status quo implies you should keep waiting for a breakthrough when the guy-in-the-tie does X or The One comes. I’d like to suggest that the breakthrough is when you realize that The One is us when we are united in harmony. #AwakeningAsOne #StopWatchingTV