Franken Food Finds #1-Choosing Healthy Chocolate

There’s chocolate and then there’s… franken-choco marketed as chocolate! This post is to help you navigate your way while hunting for CHOCOLATE while avoiding brands and ingredients that keep you fat, bloated and drained of energy. This week I food a few brands that are dark, rich and most importantly, very YUMMY!!

First, I’ll start with two close-but-no-cigar bar that got me really excited once I learned what marzipan was just last week.

Although I like Ritter brands dark chocolate the marzipan style version is on the don’t list for the same reason as the other’s… It supports one of the Hazardous “Healthy” Habits.

This one is organic :), but STILL no good for same as abovE 🙁

I did luck out while I was in New York with this one though…

These are some lovelies I snagged at Walmart (Yes, Walmart, I know, who would have thunk it?)

This is my new absolute favorite for flavor, texture and of course health! Make sure you stock up because this one is limited edition, especially at our house.

3 thoughts on “Franken Food Finds #1-Choosing Healthy Chocolate”

  • Mmmmmm, I’m going to have some Costa Rican tonight to celebrate my new LOW: 129.4 lbs!!! I always avoid soy as much as possible but until we as a people get that “SOY” isn’t a health food it will continue to plague us at every turn. Thanks for being a part of the movement, Marc!

  • I’m so excited to be a part of your Fit Rich Woman program….can’t wait to start baking with almond flour and leaving the wheat stuff behind. BTW – I’m allergic to soy so I don’t use it or need it in my life!

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