Cinnamon Roll, umm Cookies


*You can use a 1/2 batch of Dough Delicious and add 1/3 C butter OR mix it like so…
1 and 1/2C tapioca flour
1/2C coconut flour
1/2C hot water (or buttermilk. I used yogurt water)
1 stick (8 TB) butter
1 large egg
1/2 ts salt
1/2 ts baking soda
1 ts ACV

1/3C sugar
1C walnuts (or pecans or other fav nut)
1 ts ground cardamom
1 and 1/2 ts ground cinnamon
1/4 ts ground cloves
1/4 ts all spice
1/4 ts salt
1 ts vanilla extract
1 small egg, well beaten


1. Whisk together dry for dough in a large bowl then add wet ingredients and mix well.
2. Blend all the dry ingredients for the filling until like course sand in a food processor and set aside, then beat vanilla extract with the egg in a separate small bowl.
3. Press dough evenly onto a parchment paper lined rimmed cookie sheet (8×13, at least) filling all corners, refrigerate loosely covered in plastic for at least 30 minutes.
4. Remove plastic and baste dough evenly and generously with the beaten egg and sprinkle on the dry filling mix. Use hands to pat evenly into corners of the pan.
5. Gently roll the dough into a log and refrigerate again for at least 20 minutes.
6. Slice log cross length into 1/4 inch thick wheels (for cookies), flatten with a rolling pin or tortilla press between 2 pieces of plastic.
7. Place on a cookie sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 12-14 minutes until golden.
8. Allow to cool completely before enjoying!

To make these extra special you can add/swap things like orange rind, cocoa powder, extract or shredded coconut into the filling or, as in the traditional recipe I modified in Martha Stewart Living, sprinkle extra ground sugar as you flatten them.

Can you help us come up with a name for these??

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