Vermiposting: Composting with WORMS

Vermiposting, or composting with worms, has became a necessity to better manage all the food scraps we produce. We had a 50 gallon plastic container that was just so over rammed we actually stopped collecting compost for the last 30-45 days! It doesn’t help that we never stirred or “turned” it as is suggested to help with the breakdown.

Now that we have some worms this composting process will go faster and more efficiently! Take that multi-national food corps!!



The way we did this worm composting set up was with three 5 gallon buckets we formerly used as wicked, self watering, planting pots. The bottom one catches the water and has no holes drilled except where we’d add a spigot for easy compost tea harvesting. The one above has about a dozen drilled holes on the bottom and houses the worms, peat moss and worm castings (garden gold!!). The top bucket is also drilled up and houses the worm food the critters can crawl up to eat when hungry… this lures the worms out of their castings for easy casting harvesting.

Since they are staked, the whole thing takes up a circular foot in the corner of the kitchen nook! This provides easy access to check on the worms, feed them and harvest their precious discards.

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