Teriffic Tortillas

I am totally cool with the idea and concept of being corn free as part of my grain/wheat free “Just-Eat-Real-Food” lifestyle however, lettuce leave wraps does not a tortilla shell make! I mean, if you do cheese (like I do) the green leaves don’t grill too well for quesadillas if you know what I mean. So through some trial and error I came up with a pretty tasty and wrappalicious blend of almond meal, coconut flour and tapioca flour. You know, for when the lettuce just isn’t enough… or your kids won’t stop bugging you about wraps for tacos, burritos (bean less of course), etc.

corn free wheat free gluten free grain free tortilla recipe

* 1 C Almond Meal/Flour
* 1 C tapioca flour
* ¼ C coconut flour
* ½ ts baking soda
* ½ ts cream of tartar
* ¼ ts Himalayan salt
* ¾ C water
* 3 TB Coconut Oil

seasoning for the crust- crushed red pepper, oregano/thyme, fine chopped sun dried tomatoes, garlic/onion powder.

Variation: Cut the discs into pizza like triangles and deep fry in coconut or palm oil to make crispy chips!

1. Whisk dry ingredients and seasonings (if you are using this option)
2. Stir the oil into the water, add if dry mixture and check consistency; you want the dough moist but not sticky
3. Knead it a bit to blend it together and prepare it to roll into a ball (you may have to add a bit more flour or water; play with it until you find the right consistency)
4. Roll into a ball about the size of a lime (about 1.5-2 inches diameter, I used an ice cream scooper) and roll it around in your hands until it’s in a non-sticky form
5. Place between two 1 ft pieces or parchment paper and roll out into a flat circle about 1/8th inch thick. The edges will be uneven unless you use a large circular cookie cutter like I did with these. The dough should be about 5-6” inches across. A tortilla press is handy here.
6. Put a ts or so of oil before each tortilla in a small shallow frying pan or crepe pan (I used a basting brush) and cook for 30-40 seconds on eat side
7. Make sure each side is nicely browned and cooked fully; it will bubble up a little and look a bit dry and golden browned like a regular conventional tortilla.

This makes about 12 tortillas. Top with your meat and veggies and ENJOY!


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