Did Low/Carb Akins Eating Cause Her Mood Swings?

Hey Malika. How are ya Lady? My friend was following the Atkins diet once when we were together.

She lost weight but it seemed to cause severe mood swings.

Is that the case with most low carb diets? I said it possibly was from the fact that she was following so closely and her body was accustom to having carbs and then it was totally deprived of them.

However, hers seemed to persist to the point she had to quit. Your thoughts? ~CA

There is an irritable, flu-like symptom stage of carb/sugar withdrawal that can last any where from a few days to a few weeks. Usually this happens in the initial stages of releasing carbs.

The irritability usually subsides after the body has adjusted to burning fat stores as opposed to carbs as fuel. How doped up we are on carbs/sugar determines how long and/or comfortable the transition will be. Some one coming from drinking 2 Double Gulps a day will come down slower than someone who is coming from eating 2 banana a day.

Too many “lapses” in eating higher carbs will prolong the process and can reverse the benefits.

I’m not sure what Akins is really about since I’ve never read, researched or attempted it myself but I can tell you that some damage to the gut/GI tract cause acutely by grain consumption may get mixes up as being a “low-carb side effect”.

In actually may not be the diet per say that caused these mood swings etc but rather her in body’s in ability to properly tap into her fat stores. She may have needed to get professional guidance and hormone testing to make sure everything is firing right and stick to her guns using a combination of techniques like fasting and exercise to help make the shift.

For further understanding of why your friend or any one else for that matter would struggle and eventually abandon a low carb lifestyle due to feeling ill, I suggest you read this article that explores if carbs are more addictive than cocaine

So how is your friend doing now? Did she regain, lose more fat another way?

Glad I could help,


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