The Economic Transition Discussion

Me: You seem to be ponder the same questions I have been for a while with this one, bro: “Are we as entrepreneurs “supposed to” CREATE jobs so more people can pay their taxes, buy more stuff they don’t need, etc.. Or is technology supposed to ELIMINATE jobs to make things more efficient and drive those people to CREATE new solutions and drive people to be better PRODUCERS?” << Glad to know more young entrepreneurs are considering beyond their own personal wallets. A.H: Yea, Malika. I hear ya! Half of me wants to grow more companies and the other half is like "fuck this shit, I just wanna write music and play video games." haha. Me: I'm sharing your whole status in a private group so I can here what others have to say! A.H: cool! Me: LOL, I got to the point where it's like this "money making" is so fucking easy but at what cost? So much trouble is financed by use just trying to "win" the money game and have fun... I love having access to the basics and a luxuries too but I don't like pitching in for war, famine and oppression at the same time! A.H: Exactly! Me: I don't think that anyone actually tackles that issue well... even the "universe wants you to be rich" stuff. Me: A friend posted this to her wall (related you your post):

“The real question is do we want to solve the problems or do we want to keep the economic system going?
This applies in so many fields.
Inefficiency creates jobs.
If there was a huge reduction in crime we would barely need police or lawyers or judges etc..
If labor was fully automated those people working on assembly lines and many other service jobs would be out of work.
If products were designed and manufactured to the highest standard we wouldn’t “need” to have the leagues of competing inferior products for sale to “choose” from.
I could come up with many more examples…
So let’s ask ourselves. What do we want, and why?”

A.H: re: “I don’t think that anyone actually tackles that issue well… even the “universe wants you to be rich” stuff.”
I agree. When someone asks a question, usually it’s a question that already has some assumptions. Like “here are the possible solutions based on these constraints, rules, etc..”
But when you ask a question with a very open-ended, “what if society in general was totally different where we re-write the rules from the ground up..” everyone’s mind goes in to “mind fuck mode” because there are NO constraints. It’s like being given the opportunity as a kid to play in the sand box, yet you go there and find the box isn’t there and the sand is whatever you want it to be. #MindFuck #EnterTheMatrix lol
re: that gal’s response. I’ve pondered the same stuff before too… If the current system “solves” these “problems” with unconventional means that are outside the box of the current society as we know it.. then “the system” will FAIL.
Money doesn’t “filter” through the same channels, we start losing the non-essentials… then the essentials (food, water, etc..)
If we all just started growing our own plants and becoming more self-sufficient, the coming “apocalypse” wouldn’t be hard for us… but I don’t entirely agree with the “doomsday preparer” notion either. Finding some compromise gives my brain a headache… haha.

To be continued…

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