Fat Loss Follow Up: So it’s Offically Been A Month…

It’s officially been 30 days since I started my fat loss experiment. This is the stage where I have not been exercising at all save for running up and down the stairs to eat, snack and let the dogs out. All I have done to isolate the results is change what, how and when I eat.

This is actually my FIRST diet in my life

I know you’re used to people who proclaim that they have virtually “tried every diet out there” (which is suppose to imply that they know what they are talking about). You may actually know WAY more about dieting that me. But, I had one promise to myself that always made me weary of every single diet I’ve ever heard of:

  • South Beach
  • Zone
  • Atkins
  • Etc… etc..

One thing I always looked for was the probability of sustainability. When I change anything about the way I eat I want it to be a life style change not a fad. I also wanted to be changes that could be family wide not just special meals for mom.

For example, we use real butter instead of margarine juices NOT from concentrate and unfiltered (which I didn’t drink except for my “Diet Gone Wild” day on Saturday’s) and as of late organic whole and/or raw milk.

Another thing I’ve never done was own a scale! So, of course, I’ve never weighed myself on a regular basis at home. Unless I went to the gym, which I don’t any more, I had only my clothes to tell me if I needed to ease off my almost nightly deserts :).

How I feel Now

I am VERY pleased with the results I’ve had over the last 30 days. So far I love the way I look and feel. Not only have I been implementing the things I’ve already learned since I started my “slow carb diet” research a few months ago but I’ve picked up a few new concepts just this last week on eating for fat loss that have blown me away (more on that later).

Weigh in March 29th 2010: 157.6 lbs

Today's weigh in: 151.6lbs

Okay, so it’s 6 lbs and not 20 lbs I was shooting for :(. But, 6 lbs down is better even 1 lb up plus I feel empowered with information to shred as much belly fat as I want to and keep it off for life. Oh, and did I mention I didn’t have to “huff and puff” a single day to achieve these results!

What this means to me is that had I started sooner, I’d be in my maintenance stage already by now :/. Good thing I’ve had my cheat day to console me!

I’m officially only have 16.6 lbs of jiggly fat to loose to hit my 19% body fat goal in I the next 30 days ’til Summer. The question is no longer can it be done in a healthy, fun and effective way but, will you join me?

In the next phase of my “60 ’til Summer Slim Down” I’ll be ditching the cheat day, eliminating the grains completely and adding more fat. Before you tar and feature me, let me explain in another post. But, in the mean time read my new favorite blog written by that white haired guy on the p90X videos: http://www.MarksDailyApple.com.

More soon,


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2 thoughts on “Fat Loss Follow Up: So it’s Offically Been A Month…”

    • Really? I guess that theory of relativity is right. Not only do we low carb it now but we also organic it, raw it and full fat it and ZERO grain it too. It’s accelerated by fat loss to now 22lbs so far. The best part is that I know how to keep it off too. You have a hard time with the low carbs, Malika?

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