Hot and Healthy in Arlinton, TX

On December 18th 2011, Malika will be in Arlington, TX teaching How to be Hot and Healthy for life!

In this 90 minute crash course Malika will show you how she help Felicia Norman-Starks to lose 10 pounds (and counting) and kick her sugar habit by revealing…

  • 6 Healthy hazardous Habits: 6 things you are doing right now because you think they are “healthy” but are actually keeping you from getting and maintaining the level of fitness, energy and health you crave.
  • Why counting calories is a waste of time and what you should count instead if you intend to be effortlessly lean.
  • The only 3 body parts you need to focus on working to get you a tight midsection for life… (Not what you think!).
  • How to get step-by-step guidance to making lean and healthy a lifestyle (No more yo-yoing)

  • As a bonus you’ll also receive:

    *A Full Workout Session– demonstrating how to burn more fat fat with a 12 minute workout than 60 minute kickboxing cardio class. and…

    *Lunch!– Enjoy a typical fat melting meal filled with my favorite mix of formerly “forbidden” foods like real bacon and full fat butter.

    By the end of our time together you will have a clear plan of what to do, why to do it how to do it when it comes to whittling your waist line, increasing your energy, mastering metabolism and stoking your stamina.

    Side effects include: Rapid fat loss, more restful sleep, no more mid-day crash, and better sex! Some people have reduced or eliminated medications*… and these results are typical.

    The best part is it’s only $20.00 per person to register for this event today. And should you decide to join our support community the entire amount is applicable toward the regular $97 life time membership (making it only $77 for you)!

    Register Here NOW>>

    For more info please contact our host, Felicia Norman-Starks.

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