Where To Get Non-Monsanto Seeds

It’s important to note that until we take profit out of food some nerd some where is gonna be thinking up of more ways to poison us to profit their masters. The mere existence of GMO fields keeps even the purest seeds at risk for contamination. However, if we do not make an effort to plant more clean seeds how wil we ever heal our dependency upon the corporations that provide them? We can not afford to continue to complain about how “expensive” eating cleaner food is when there is plenty opportunity for the determined to grow at least some of their own food. We obviously can not expect the USDA, FDA, EPA nor the judicial system headed by Monsanto paid pawns to do any favors for us despite the fact that your tax dollars support them as well.

Below is a short list of where I trust getting seeds and plants from:
* www.RareSeeds.com
* www.EverlastingSeeds.com

* You can also check local farmers markets for sprouts and trees from local nurseries who use there own harvested local and heirloom seeds.
*Be sure to save or seeds and well and learn to regrow veggies, herbs and spices from table scraps!
Here’s a link to how to regrow 17 plants from scraps most people throw away!

I haven’t shopped with this Ebay seller but some of my friends have

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