Ginger Apple Chicken

Because I cook so often that I season most of our meals by sight and not a recipe I’ll tell you what’s in this spice blend and then I’ll offer approximate amounts based on my experience!

Ingredients: One 4-5lb chicken, chopped in 1/2 (we prefer it down the breast side), 1 pink lady apple, [2 TB]grated ginger, [1 TB] ground orange rind, [1 TB] herbs de Provence, [2 ts] cardamon, [3 ts] salt 3ts pepper.


1. Slice apple into thin (1/3-1/4 inch) slices and set aside
2. Sprinkle on and rub chicken on all sides with other ingredients.
3. Make slits in the chicken deep enough to stuff a slice of 2 of the apple. Put the rest under the chicken and/or under the skin.
4. Bake at 400 degrees for 1 hour basting at the 40-45 minute mark.


2 thoughts on “Ginger Apple Chicken

  1. OMGoodness. ?.really? This is porn but I can’t stop staring at it! Lol! It It sounds really easy….almost too easy! Im going to try it. What do you make with it for the sides? Yum yum!

    • I served it with roasted asparagus and roasted yams as pictured here! The kids had it with rice because they don’t prefer the yams. I baked the yams right next to the chicken for the same amount of time in a cast iron pan then loaded it with butter right before plating.

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