Globe Proof: Fulcrum Pendulum (video)

Globe Proof: Fulcrum Pendulum (video)

In this video some guy [Physics and astronomy professor Jim LaBelle] talks about the fulcrum pendulum. If one listens carefully instead of just assuming this is science simply because of whom is speaking ye will hear this man confess that it is all just conjecture. Of course I’ll include the definition of conjecture below. Also note as he speaks when he confesses that it’s not proven however it does sound very scientific.

  1. 1.
    an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.
    conjectures about the newcomer were many and varied”
    synonyms: speculationguessworksurmisefancypresumptionassumptiontheory, postulation, supposition

Contrary to popular believe I do try to watch all of the proof that ewes offer to show support for their Globe brainwashing. Space is fake the earth is flat BUT you have to be who proves it to yourself using the very “proofs” offered of the globe and critical thinking. One way to do that is by reviewing and researching what is offered by others as proof of their globe belief.

I apologize for not taking a screenshot of the thread this tid-bit came from but by th3e time I was ready to write this post the poster already deleted it! It is a great teaching point, in my opinion, because the deletion came after I highlighted the points made in the video that stood out to me: “in principle… the Fulcrum Pendulum is sensitive to rotation but around what?.. there’s been a lot of speculation… [some guy] conjectured… it remains UNPROVEN more in the realm of philosophy than in physics.”

His reply was: “So show me your proof that the earth is flat? Oh that’s right, you don’t have any!”

My question to him and others like him is: “Why would I do that? Would one attempt to prove a color to the color-bling or sing hymns to the deaf?”.

I hear the declarations about the fulcrum pendulum and immediately it brings to question that what it is doing is based on the presumption that the earth is spinning, therefore it cannot be used to prove earth is spinning. That’s the equivalent of using a word to define itself.

What I seem to prove by doing these exercises with ewes is they listening without hearing, look without seeing and read without comprehension when deep-seated beliefs are at risk. The man clearly says this Fulcrum Pendulum is not science but yet it’s posted as scientific proof. This is the common thread is ALL globe proofs ewes post.

What’s funny, but unfortunately deleted as well, is a comment about how impressed one ewe was by the credentials of the speaker but no one but me made comment on to the content of the video.

Share ye thoughts and questions about this video below! Share this post and get the critical thinking conversations going.

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