Going Primal and Adding Vitamin E as in Exercise

Me and my niece fooling 'round in the dressing room whilst shopping

After not lifting a single dumbbell, attempting a pull up or even yoga since October 24th 2009, I’m back in the exercise saddle once again. I’ve been on and off this saddle for years since college so this is nothing new, except… I’ve finally given myself permission to do things different.

But before I get into that, let me tell you what I did.

I followed the “Spartan” exercise routine ripped from this springs’ Mens Health magazine and modified it to fit my fitness level. I may have missed the mark because my ass burns like a torch was taken to it!!

When I made that post I advised going for two rounds of this 10 exercise circuit. What I did was one round giving it all that my out of shape body could muster.

Here’s What Sore:

  1. My glutes
  2. Inner thighs
  3. Outer thighs
  4. Quadriceps
  5. Deltoids
  6. Abs

This is in order of intensity of pain, er… soreness. What I will do differently next time is give my self 45 seconds to a full minute break in between exercises instead of just 30 sec and 3-4 minutes between rounds in stead of 2.   This assumes I even make it to a send round next time.

It was a very pain filled weekend. The stairs were my enemy… Oh, and going going down hurt far worse than going up. I was excited to have a reprieve from going up and down on Sunday for Mothers Day where I think my soreness peaked!

Yesterday, I sneaked in the gym and did an hour of a “virtual hike” of the stair-mill at the gym… Today I can bound up the stairs 2 at a time with no problem. Well, my ass is still a little sore though.

Why Such a Long Exercise Break

If you read my post about why I don’t recommend P90X , even as a proud graduate of the program, you’ll see in the picture that

primal blueprint review
I'm reviewing it by the chapter on this blog

I wasn’t quite bikini ready. Close but not at where I wanted to be physically. I still had another 15 lbs of fat I wanted to burn off after it was all said and done and I had a feeling the culprit was my eating habits.

Now, it wasn’t “bad” by conventional standards… I technically in my ‘healthy’ weight range. Some would say I actually looked good. But I wanted more with out having to workout for 1-2 hours a day for 6 days a week indefinitely.

I also intended on figuring out the real deal with the other side of the permanent, simple to maintain belly fat loss equation: Diet.

That quest led me eventually to The Primal Blueprint. I describe it as an eating style that help you choose food that is harmonized with your body’s natural fat loss and weight maintenance hormones.

Last week was my first full week of some major diet adjustments. I’ve stopped eating rice or pasta save for a cheat day on Saturday’s since th

e end of march. But, after I had a bubble-gut episode on my last “diet-gone-wild” day, I decided to cut it out all together.

Going Against the Grain

Since I’ve gotten the book last, Friday (I’m a 2/3 of the way through) I’ve been searching out all my local markets for the best quality food I could find!

Me Changing Our Diet and Scaring My Kids

I went on an organic food

shopping with my sister and the kids. We got raw goat milk, organic raw almond butter, organic peanut butter, butter, organic no-soy-fed eggs, grass-fed beef, free range chicken, 3 kinds of organic wheat free flour: Quinoa, almond and coconut. I made coconut flour bread even! See the pictures of our organic shopping spree here>>.

My son, after lapping up his second glass of raw goat milk, admitted he thought it would have tasted awful… I confessed to him that I did too :D. I was pleasantly surprised by both the taste of the milk and the fact that is was both kid tested and primal approved!

A New Enthusiasm For Exercise

I did an experiment in the month of April to see how much fat I could shed through reducing all forms carbohydrates, eliminated all processed sugar and increasing protein intake. Now that I’ve already lost 8 lbs of fat in the last few weeks from just adjusting my diet I’m ready to re-embrace exercise with different knowledge. I’m fully expecting drastically different fat loss results for my time investing in working out.

Even though Friday was my first day for intense training and all I did Monday was stroll for 45 minutes I’m already sleeping better, waking up easier and with more spring in my step. Honestly, as a home-based executive it’s a bit annoying to not be able to force myself back to sleep when I bounce up at 6:30am with the kids after I didn’t hit the sack ’til 2am. Especially when their dad supervises them single-handedly with no problem but, I guess that’s what mid-day naps are for right?



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