Is Punishment Your Job?


Why would you want to make it your responsibility to punish other people? Why would you make it your honor to take punishment from others? Only education changes behavior and Love is the highest education. Punishment is a a justification of aggression; hate-filled behavior… a distortion of Love. When you can genuinely express Love to people, even when they are *wrong* or *bad* or *evil* in your limited perception, the world will know peace.

When ever you suggest, even in thought, that some one should be shamed, maimed, jailed, flogged, stoned, deprived of property/liberty or hurt in any way for what they have done you are creating a space for it to manifest in this reality. When ever you petition for some one to be deported because they’ve been condemned by your moral, ethical or religious standards, the same thing manifest in your life world and affairs.

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