Mainstream Validation

The other day I was invited to a group that that had “women of color” in the name. The following conversation ensued:

Hello sistar! is this women of color page yours?
Peace Sis, it most definitely is. How have you been?
I am well and happy! how is this page different from “[her other women’s page]”?
[other page] is was about ALL WOMEN… This page was designed to remember and Uplift Women of Color. Especially being that the media is trying to do away with us more and more each day.
Aren’t we all colored?
Not according to the US mindset…
What about your mindset?
My mindset feels that we are, but I have to deal with what the masses feel. I have to relate to them.
Its the same way when I deal with people from various religious backgrounds. Relate to them…
ok… You stay well sistar! Peace
Her: You do the same. Peace

The conversation inspired the questions below I’d like us to consider:

Why do you crave validation from the “mainstream media”? Why do you need people who look/speak like you do to be delivering the messages you consume? Why do you identify so much with the outer layers and appearance of people instead of the inner realms?

When relating to people means supporting their misconceptions I’m not going to put any energy towards that. This seems to be the issue with well meaning people attempt to meet others “where they are”. What are your feelings?


4 thoughts on “Mainstream Validation

  1. Malika you speak so much TRUTH! People want to belong to something even if it is a lie. Most people don’t know who they are so it is impossible to discern the misconceptions that are presented to them on a daily basis. In order to connect with the inner realms of another person you have to acknowledge a deeper connection with you own inner realm. Women of color live from the shallow depths of the outer world because the inner realm requires uncovering many areas that require healing. When we take the time to heal the inner hurts we can then begin to connect soul to soul from a place of TRUTH. In order to heal one has to connect with TRUTH of our existence. It’s time to remove the mask and feel what we need to feel so we can live from a place of TRUTH and LOVE! I love your post and the space in which you shine your light in the world. I could go on and on about this topic but I will keep it very brief and stop here.

  2. Most of it is programming. I admit it… it was once easy and comfortable relating with someone who’s outer layer matched my own, validation, commonality… Didn’t last long however. To many reality is limited by what one senses in the physical realm… if you can’t see, hear, taste or touch it, it isn’t real. “It’s a black thing, you wouldn’t understand” and other such nonsense. Dare to touch, taste, and visualize that which is spiritual, the inner man, renders you out of touch with “the real world.” Who I am is must be defined by those who believe they are the masters of the universe. It’s ok to meet people where they are, but based on this conversation it appears the agenda is clearly to leave them there. What kind of empowerment is that? From my observation, those who meet people where they are tend to leave them there and seldom touch the higher realms of consciousness so as not to offend. Sadly, too many “people of color” (I’ve always found that expression odd) will not hear, much less listen, to what you have to say if at first you do not match their particular hue.

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