Master Mind With Malika

There are some MAJOR projects I’d like to work on with some MAJOR thinkers! You you have been invited to this page or attracted to it for any reason then that’s probably YOU! If you have every wanted a way to work with me but wasn’t sure how, this may be it. If you’d like to contribute your talent time and treasure into transforming the whole of humanity from where ever you are in the world, leave me a comment with your contact info below. I’ll get back to you with more deets later 🙂

Some of the ideas I’d like to mastermind on:

* Creating community based services people can use to share resources they already to gain access to those they may not.

* Creating a local artisan directories so local creatives can be more easily found by those looking to support them

* Creating a network to get more trash tuned into treasure instead of landfill fodder.

* What ever community building direct action ideas YOU have and what ever we come up with together.

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