Mini Cheesecakes and Springform Pan

So after I made my own Creamy No-Crack Cheesecake I had a little batter and crust left. Originally I was going to make cheesecake muffins but really just wanted more cheese cake and didn’t have the right sized pan.

After the 4th store we visited we found these cutie-pie-pans!>>


I was looking for 1 or 2 six inch pans but found these four inch ones in a 3 pack. PERFECT


Check out how the pies came out.>>

I decorated one with blueberries in blueberry sauce and topped with orange mint just for you! Enjoy!

Actually we gave them to the kids… But not before we begged a bite 😉

Would you like to order mini or full sized cheesecakes shipped to your door or as gifts? Let me know your interest as I have started to look into this option. Until then you may order pre-baked or dry mixes of the graham crackers I used for the crust here!

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