Where Did Get Your Misconception of Healthy Eating?

Where did you get your misconception of what “eating healthy” means? Between a mixture of:

1. School (what’s offered in the cafeteria has got to be healthy)
2. TV (paid ads to sell you on what ever product their Sponsors are peddling)
3. Magazines (paid ads peddling food products and the drugs to treat what the food causes)
4. Parents (Where’d they get their nutrition education from?)

All of us have gotten a hodge-podge idea of what a healthy meal is supposed to look like. Below is an image one of my facebook friends meals… the caption read: “Eating Healthy Today”

According to my own misconceptions of healthy eating, I would have thought this was very close “eating healthy today” (minus the fried part.. should have been grilled, right?) about a year ago too!

Lightly battered fried fish (looks like talapia, one of my former favs), corn, plain white rice, black bean and salad. Mmmmm, huh?

With what I’ve learned of nutrition and from practical application in the last year is that this plate is far from healthy , except for that small salad on the left and even that depends on what kinds of dressing is on it.

These are types I food I would eat when I was working out really long and hard too: an hour minimum 5 days a week of both cardio and weight training. Those were the days of painfully slow fat loss and muscle gain too. And I never got the connection…. until now.

Can you see what’s unhealthy with the plate on the right? Here’s a hint: Corn is not a vegetable!

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