Pot Roast Mom’s Earthday


This roast was made as a side for our mother’s earthday dinner along with some of our world famous Jambalaya. I’m most excited about the big juicy carrot I plucked right out the garden in the back which simmered along side the roast and potatoes! Oh yeah, and the homegrown herbs too 🙂

For those who want the recipe:

1.5-2 lb grassfed chuck roast (ribeye roast would work too, ballin’)
1 ts Himalayan salt per pound
1 ts per pound black pepper
1 ts per pound cumin
1 TB Worcestershire sauce
2-3TB coconut oil
A fist full of garden herbs (Rosemary, sage, Greek oregano were my choices)

1. Rub roast with salt, pepper, worcestershire sauce and cumin and set aside in a medium bowl.
2. Heat heavy bottom pan (I use cast iron) with 2-3 TB coconut oil on medium high heat and sear roast on one side for 5-7 minutes while you warm the over to 375 degrees.
3. Flip roast over, place herbs on top and cover with a heavy lid. Bake until desired internal temperature.

*Marination is a plus. Add root, onions or other veggies before putting it in the oven for an extra burst of flacor and one pot cooking!

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