My Phyllo Phylosophy?

Today I received a question I know many others would have so I wanted to answer it on the blog.

“Malika, what are your feelings about using Phyllo on treat day….I know it is made out of flour but it is incredibly thin has hardly any sugar or high calorie count..just curious to hear your opinion about it”

Answer>> My philosophy on phyllo is the same as any gluten product: “Don’t treat with WHEAT!!!”. Your belly will churn and your ass will burn…. I’m just keeping it real! And this is from someone who will admit to the power that croissants and other puff pastries like Spanakopita still have over me. I’ve purposely avoided even thinking about them as the mere thought of never eating them again makes me teary eyed and yet makes my mouth water remembering their tastiness all at the same time. Just breath and let phyllo go dah’ling. ((HuGs))

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